Origins of The Brown Note

Listen: A mystery note that makes you poop your pants? A 100-foot Victorian loudspeaker that sent an entire crowd to the bathroom? What about an airplane so loud, it could make you throw up? The legend of The Brown Note. Today, on Signal Cannon. What if I told you there was a noise…so intense…that itContinue reading “Origins of The Brown Note”

Sonic Attack on U.S. diplomats in Cuba PLUS: LRAD Acoustic Crowd Control

Listen: This is Part 1 of a multi-part series from Signal Cannon examining sound and its use as a weapon both in the real world and in fiction. In this episode, we discuss the 2016 sonic attack on U.S. Embassy officials in Cuba and the use of acoustic hailing devices like LRAD on American streets.Continue reading “Sonic Attack on U.S. diplomats in Cuba PLUS: LRAD Acoustic Crowd Control”

Trolley Parks: The Predecessor to the Amusement Park

Throughout the 1800’s and into early 1900’s, streetcar companies needed a way to keep people riding the rails into the weekend, to make more money. So many began opening parks at the ends of their streetcar lines to bring in revenue on the days when people weren’t commuting. They were way to escape the bustleContinue reading “Trolley Parks: The Predecessor to the Amusement Park”