signal_cannon4Signal Cannon

Signal Cannon is a weekly deep-dive into the history and science of music and sound. It’s produced by Billy Donahoe and distributed by Play Too Much.

Every Thursday Billy tackles a new topic related to the stuff we hear every day.

From interstellar mixtapes and historical epics to rural music makers and vintage programming wizardry, Signal Cannon takes us to the weird, forgotten corners of the recorded world.

How Hits Made YellowHow Hits Made

How Hits Made is a 5-part narrative documentary podcast created by Play Too Much. It was written and edited by Billy Donahoe.

How Hits Made seeks to understand what makes a hit song and the creative process behind it. What does it take to be a band today?

Over the course of a year, How Hits Made followed New York City-based group Great Caesar on their journey to elevate their success through a hit song.

Nerd Dash New Logo SmallThe Nerd Dash Podcast

The Nerd Dash Podcast covers film, television and history. Featuring reviews and analysis, The Nerd Dash is sometimes a conversation, sometimes an essay.

Listen as Billy and Erik dive deep into characters, plot holes and themes.

The New Talk LogoThe New Talk

Started in 2010 at 91.5 WBIM FM and continued as a podcast, The New Talk features local, state and national-level stories.

The first news program from Bridgewater State University’s radio station, The New Talk was created by Billy Donahoe and aired weekly, Monday nights at 9 PM.

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