The Nerd Dash

The Nerd Dash Podcast covers film, television and history. Featuring reviews and analysis, The Nerd Dash is sometimes a conversation, sometimes an essay. Listen as Billy and Erik dive deep into characters, plot holes and themes.

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Rachel Unraveled

Rachel Ravel is determined to make it on Broadway…whatever the cost. Does she have the talent? In her head she certainly does. MORE


Talullah’s in a pickle. She’s kidnapped a baby from a neglectful mother and shown up at her boyfriend’s mom’s door claiming it’s his. MORE

Homer Hickham

The NASA scientist who’s life story is the basis for the film October Sky is suing the studio over the rights to his life. They want to make a musical, he’s already made one. MORE

Trolley Parks

Where did theme parks come from? Well, the railroad industry. Needing riders for Saturdays and Sundays, railroad companies began building parks and promenades at the ends of their lines to get city-dwellers to come. MORE

James Bond Themes

Why does that that song sound so familiar? We examine three modern 007 opening songs, which pay tribute to the classic 60’s tune. MORE

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