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Wisps of snow-ash tinkled soft and thin like silica across the frozen ground. It flitted and twisted into the air. Snow swept in great arcs up to second floor windows and rusted street signs, sculpted into alien shapes, burying front doors and stoops beneath. The wind brought newspaper and plastic bags and tucked them trembling into every crevice, every crumbling curb. Cars sat dead like skeletons, picked clean of hoses, upholstery, and fenders. The clouds were low and heavy as the sun went down. In the distance, tall buildings reached into the sky, no lights in their windows…


In Event of Moon Disaster

July, 1969: If the first Moon Landing succeeded, President Nixon would read a prepared speech to the country commemorating the achievement. If it didn’t, and the astronauts were not to return, a second was to be read. This is that other speech.


The Forgotten Verses of the Star-Spangled Banner

What did Francis Scott Key write, exactly? Penned half on a boat and half in a hotel room later on, the national anthem hasn’t always…exactly been the national anthem.

How Hits Made – Podcast Series

What does it take to write a hit song?

How Hits Made is a five-part narrative documentary podcast created by Chris Pizzolo and Sara Waber, of Play Too Much. It was written and edited by Billy Donahoe.

Part One: All I Have to Do is Dream

“There was a day three or four months ago when it was time to pay rent and I looked at my bank account and I had a very small amount of money.

It’s a scary, stressful place.”

– John-Micheal Parker, Great Ceasar bandleader

Part Two: Go Your Own Way

Part Three: Come Together

Part Four: The Best of You

Part Five: Take Me to The River


About Me

Billy Donahoe

Writer, Audio Editor

Billy Donahoe is a writer and editor producing audio content and fiction.

In college he served as News Director for Bridgewater State University’s radio station, 91.5 WBIM FM, and created the school’s first weekly news radio hour. Billy wrote, directed, and edited the narrative documentary series How Hits Made, which profiles bands and professionals working in the music industry. Currently, Billy produces Signal Cannon, a weekly deep-dive podcast into the history and science of music and sound.

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Have an idea for a show but don’t know where to start? I can record, write, edit audio, create intros/outros, trailers and social media spots. I’m also mobile and can come to you, equipment in hand, ready to record your next session or interview.

Sitting on hours of recorded material and not sure where to go from here? I’m a one-stop shop for storyboarding and narrative development. I’ll help you bring your project into focus so that you can bring the highest-quality content to your listeners.

Available for: writing, audio editing, recording, and voiceover / narration.