The Golden Record

In 1977 we sent a time capsule into space with our sounds, our science, and our music in the hopes that one day and alien civilization will find it and learn about us.

Rachel Unraveled: Dream Big…Bigger…BIGGER

Rachel Unraveled is a new comedy series from Rachel Ravel and Austin Spero. It stars Ravel as the titular Rachel, an aspiring actress who’s sort of convinced she lives in a musical and who’s grasp is constantly outside her reach. Rachel over-prepares for auditions, treats every other actor as a rival, and is wholly incapable of responsibility.

Alien: A First-Time Retrospective

Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt That’s right. I’ve never seen Alien, until now. Join Erik and I as we discuss the classic 1979 science fiction film. I’m a newbie; he’s a big-time fan. I even get scolded a little for having let such a thing like this slip. It’s my own fault. Call itContinue reading “Alien: A First-Time Retrospective”

James Bond Themes New and Old

The new James Bond films have theme songs that call back to the original Jame Bond theme. Similar motifs, similar chord progressions; it’s deliberate and serves to enrich the music of the film series. Today on The Nerd Dash Podcast, we delve into three songs from three movies, Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace,Continue reading “James Bond Themes New and Old”